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Our link school in Nepal

 In September 2012 we developed a link through the Pahar Trust with a school in Nepal - Shree Mehendrodaya Lower Secondary School.
Mehendrodaya was delighted with the money raised in 2015 and decided to use it to build a 'Tiffin' hut. With your generosity they will be able to provide breakfast for those who cannot afford it and a hut to shelter from the cold and winds. The money raised this year (just over £666) has just been sent and they are hoping to maintain the breakfast club. 
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Another year has passed and it's 'Bounce to Nepal' time again. This week sponsor forms will go out to all families and we ask you to get as many sponsors as you can. We have told the children that they have to have parental permission to get sponsors. Our aim is to raise at least £1000 for our link school in Nepal. The monies raised last year bought computers, cameras, tables and chairs. Please look at the photographs on  display in the foyer.

The children will all bounce on the morning of 10th July and we ask that monies are in by 12th July. If you wish to simply donate beforehand, please send in an envelope labelled Nepal.

WOW! The monies raised from the sponsored bounce was over £1000 again. Not only is Norwood healthy, they are very generous to those less fortunate than themselves.

After liaising with Chris Hughes, he will contact the school to find out the best way to spend the money. Unfortunately during the Summer, the school was damaged due to a landslide and it was suggested that maybe the money should help with some of the rebuilding costs. Fortunately, as far as we know there were no casualties. 

Picture 1 Visit from the headteacher, Nov 2013
Picture 2
Picture 3 School crossing
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Picture 5
Picture 6 Giving out gifts
Picture 7 Twinned school shared information board
Picture 8
Picture 9 Shree Mahendrodaya Lower School building
Picture 10 Shree Mahendrodaya classroom
Picture 11 outdoor teaching
Picture 12 Shree Mahendrodaya students

"Keep On Bouncing" Fundraiser

Have a look how the school spent the money we raised during our sponsored bounce fundraising event.