Behaviour and Anti-Bullying

These policies are reviewed annually by Governors following feedback and surveys from parents, children and staff.

Norwood expects a very high standard of attitude and behaviour, as Norwood children are ALWAYS representing the school, their families and themselves wherever they are.


Attitude Tracking

‘Attitude’ is carefully tracked, at least termly. This includes attendance, punctuality, behaviour, effort, homework and uniform. Each area is colour coded: Green-excellent/very good, yellow needs improvement, red-unacceptable. Targets and support are agreed where necessary.

Circletime, Citizenship and PSHE

At Norwood each year group follows the National Curriculum for PHSE. 1Decision and circle time are used to enable pupils to talk through PSHE/Citizenship issues in a supportive situation.

Core Values

Norwood’s core values are: Aspire, Respect and Enjoy. Staff, pupils, parents and Governors firmly believe that these values underpin and encompass what makes our school. Pupils are encouraged to demonstrate these values and are rewarded with specific dojos when they are observed by members of staff. Star of the Week certificates are also given in recognition of pupils demonstrating these values in and around school.


Structured Lunchtime Play (SLP) is a partnership between Year 6 and Years 1, 2 and 3. The aim is to encourage younger pupils to be more active, and develop the Year 6 pupils’ leadership skills. This enables them to be healthier, in a fun and enjoyable way and encourages pupils to work as a team. The older pupils set out and lead the activities.

Midday Supervisors bring both good and poor behaviour to the attention of the class teacher through lunchtime behaviour books. The class teacher signs to show they have picked up the message and will deal with incidents according to the behaviour policy.

Norwood Citizen Qualities and Skills

Linked to our core values and our PSHE lessons we share our vision of a Norwood Citizen. 


School rules are kept to an essential minimum. They have been developed to be meaningful to pupils. They are all designed to develop courtesy, good manners and mutual respect. They are to protect pupils from injury, to care for equipment and to maintain a safe, positive environment.


Our School Rules

At Norwood Primary School:

1. We are kind and helpful

2. We listen

3. We are gentle

4. We work hard

5. We look after property

6. We are honest


Behaviour Guidelines Procedures


Our Listening Code

When I am asked for my attention I:

1. STOP - what I am doing

2. PUT – down anything

3. LOOK – with my eyes

4. LISTEN – with my ears



It is very important that praise and reward should have great emphasis. Pupils will achieve more, be better motivated and behave better, when staff commend and reward their successes rather than focus on their failure.

Praise has a reinforcing and motivational role. Praise can be delivered in formal and informal ways, in public or in private; it can be awarded to individuals or to groups; it can be earned for the steady maintenance of good standards as well as for particular achievements.

Whole School Rewards: 

Class Dojo: The school has designed and adopted a consistent approach for encouraging and rewarding good behaviour, effort and manners based on the collection of Dojos using the ClassDojo app. Dojos are collected as part of the overall Dojo Championship awards both weekly and at the end of the year. Red dojos are given to pupils who have broken the school rules and they attend Bored Room for a minute or more during Golden time depending on the behaviour displayed.

ClassDojo is accessed by all teachers within the school and parents have a personalised login to view their child’s report. We encourage parents to look at the percentage chart each week as it clearly shows praise and where improvements can be made.

Star of the Week Assembly: Pupils will receive their good work/attitude certificates during the assembly.

Golden Time: Golden Time is a time for relaxation and fun as a reward for good behaviour during the week. All pupils are entitled to 20 minutes of Golden Time on a Friday if they have followed the school rules.

End of Year celebration: At the end of the year Dojo Champions will be awarded certificates and letters of recognition will be sent home for these children. All children will take part in a Dojo celebration.

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