Who's Who


SCHOOL STAFF - September 2017

Leadership Team
Head Teacher
Mr. L. Dumbell

Deputy Head Teacher
Mrs. P. Bennet

Assistant Head Teacher
Miss A. McCarthy

Class Teachers
Miss C. Haworth
Mrs. S. Piggott/Mrs. R. Jenkinson
Mrs. R.Thorpe

Year 1
Mrs. G. Murray
Miss A. Fisher

Year 2
Miss K. Gilbert
Miss N. Sinclair

Year 3
Mrs. N. Plumtree
Miss P.Barry

Year 4
Miss S. Norris
Miss A. McCarthy


Year 5
Mrs. E. Bentley
Mr. M. Jordan

Year 6
Mr. N. Dempster
Mrs. N. Harris/Mrs. K. Wilson


Reading Specialist
Mrs. A. Baron


P.E. Specialist
Mrs. D. Rigby

Science/Art Specialist

Mrs. J. Perrett

Peripatetic Teachers Music
Mr. G. Harrison
Mrs. J. Hughes

Ms. M. O'Neill

Parent Support Advisor/Learning Mentor
Mrs. K.Taylor

Teaching Assistants
Mrs. B. Ashton
Mrs. D. Parry
Mrs, J. Topping
Mrs. K. Hutchinson

Year 1
Miss. R. Stephenson
Mrs. L. Whiteley
Mrs. J. Pagan

Year 2
Mrs. B. Cullum
Mrs. S. Tomlin
Mrs. J. Sumner

Year 3
Mrs. C. Saundry
Mrs. R. Jenkinson
Mr. J. Watson

Year 4
Mrs. D. Meadow
Mrs. L. Roughley
Mrs. T. Grove
Mrs. J. Pagan
Mrs. L. Tessier

Year 5
Mrs. C. Stewart
Mrs. S. Lloyd
Mrs. H. Halsall

Year 6
Mrs. C. Rigby
Mrs. C. Oliver
Mrs. L. Griffiths
Mrs. C. Singleton

Social and Emotional Support
Mrs. L. Griffiths

Forest Schools
Mr. M.James

Office Staff
Office Manager/Bursar/Clerk to the Governors
Mrs. J. Todhunter

Admin Officers
Mrs. J. Ashton, Mrs. C. King

Premises Officer
Mr. P. Hesketh

ICT Network Manager
Mr. K. Hefferan

Mrs. K. Brown
Mrs. K. Temple
Mrs. Y. Ray
Mrs. S. James

Lead Midday Supervisor
Mr. J. Watson

Midday Supervisors
Mrs. S. Allen
Mrs. M. Ashcroft
Mrs. B. Ashton
Mrs. T. Clare
Mrs. L. Dalton
Mrs. K. Das
Mrs. T. Grove
Mrs. S. James
Miss M. Jordan
Mrs. T. Lynwode
Mrs. J. Manning
Mrs. T. Scutt
Mrs. J. Tunstall


Recent Tweets

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  • Super effort in the freezing cold conditions for the Year 2 football team at Stanley High. So good to see all your… https://t.co/eGPe8kdDqV

    12th Dec
  • And what a show it was too! Great speaking, dynamite dancing and superb singing from all of RH. What a terrific aud… https://t.co/HZmDZO1ipG

    11th Dec
  • RH's first ever Christmas performance this afternoon. Looking forward to it and hoping it as as superb as the rehearsal on Friday!

    11th Dec
  • Final rehearsal for Year 2 this afternoon with the children from Year 1 and Year 3 watching them. Some superb singi… https://t.co/fMJn1L3svk

    6th Dec
  • Another parental tour this afternoon for prospective parents. What a lovely atmosphere they found - Y6 singing thei… https://t.co/A2pfQLCPHz

    29th Nov