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At Norwood we pride ourselves on ensuring our pupils are safe and happy, have the best educational experience and the highest standards of teaching and learning possible. In return we expect parents and carers to ensure their child has excellent attendance and punctuality.
This week's Star of the Week winners were: Year 1 - Ethan McDonough, Heidi Rudd, Ralfs Rozitis, Trinity St. Louis, Alaina Rex and Leticia Veloso; Year 2 Star of the Week winners - Charlie Stuart, Alfie Peters, Maddison Glover and Seth Cronje; Year 3Star of the Week winners - Emily Forshaw, Sam Thornley, Brooklyn Brown and Caitlin Leonard; Year 4Star of the Week winners - Hayden Thomas, Phoebe Wordley, Bethany Fitzsimmons and Connor Owen; Year 5 Star of the Week winners - Marta Barczak, Lori-Leach Jackson, Chelsea Cairns and Harry Butler; Year 6 Star of the Week winners - Holly McKenzie, Ellie-May Rood, Harry Hopkins Lane and Chloe Kinsella

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