Friends of Norwood (FON)

Norwood Primary’s Parent Teacher Association has been renamed. The PTA will now be known as ‘Friends of Norwood’ (FON).  This change has been made so that a wider community of people can connect for the benefit of the children of Norwood Primary School. 

The FON is a partnership between all the parents, grandparents, carers, family, friends and staff of the school and aims to enrich the lives of all children who attend the school.

The FON raises funds to enhance the resources already provided by the school and to provide for extra opportunities that wouldn’t ordinarily form part of school life. This creates special memories for our children and makes school life an exciting and wonderful time for them.

The FON partners with the school to reach common goals. We host various events throughout the year to raise funds. These include school discos, the annual Summer Fair and the Christmas Fair, to name but a few. There is lots of fun to be had by the whole family. 

Information about all events are posted on FON notice boards which can be found on the school grounds, notices are placed in the children’s book bags and information can be found on the FON pages of the school website.  We have recently launched a Friends of Norwood FaceBook Group which we encourage everyone to join so that you can stay in touch with current news and events.

As parents, grandparents, carers, family, friends and staff, we are all members of the FON which is run in an open and welcoming manner. Without you, ‘Friends of Norwood’ could not exist and therefore our children would not benefit from these additional resources and opportunities.

Our meetings are held on a regular basis, please look out for information regarding upcoming meetings and where they will be held.  Your children are welcome to be with you. The meetings are informal and open.

The FON Notice Boards and Webpages all have information about upcoming events & news about past events and current fundraising projects.  Please check these regularly. 

‘Friends of Norwood’ welcome suggestions and questions and can be contacted via the school office on (01704) 211960 or by email on [email protected]

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